Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend's over.

Today,  Steve and I spent the afternoon outside.  It really wasn't cold,  but it was only in the low 30's.  Sun shined making our drive way a mucky mess.  First off Steve worked on powersteering pump on the 50-M.  Hope it's fixed.  If not,  he said he'd have to put it back to manual and I don't look forward to having to drive it without PS.  I'm spoilt.  I spent the morning vacuuming and Shark steam mopping.  We tracked in yesterday after cutting wood and kids stayed with puppies running around the house, for pizza and TV after they helped us.  So house needed "de-hairing". 

While he worked on tractor,  I started unloading wood from his truck which we loaded non split wood into yesterday.  I split the small stuff I could handle,  leaving the big stuff for him.  While cutting yesterday,  we split for the load on trailer,  and got stuck 2 times in the process.  When we got it done,  we cleaned up mess,  and sat down to a roaring fire in the fireplace. 

Super bowl time come,  I headed into family room to watch it while purusing around on computer.  Got bored and felt the muscles fatigue from outside work,  so after halftimes (JMO) flop of entertainment,  I headed to lay down with my book to listen to rest of the game.  I fell asleep and missed the best half of the game from what the news said at 10.  And I only had like 4 pages left in my book,  didn't get to finish it then,  but am headed back to bed to finish it now.  New book to start by Catherine Anderson when this one is done.  Leslie just home from Super bowl party with her friends and found my cat in her room on her bed sound asleep.  I thought she was in living room on the loveseat with fireplace going.  I should have looked for her.  LOL  Oh well,  she had some alone time,  guess she needed it.  Now she's off to bed with me.

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  1. Missed ya at CM. Gotta go to feed store for more hay. Amazing how 30* with sunshine can be comfortable for outside work, huh?

    Have fun with your shark!


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