Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good reads

Another good morning,  we have about 2 inches of snow out there.  Weather says we are like 8 inches shy of normal snow fall for area.  Another space shuttle was launched,  so weather should be messed up some more for next couple of weeks.  JMO

After shopping yesterday,  getting everything put away,  sat down a while with my new book,  by C. Anderson.  Just couldn't get into it.  When Kiley got up from nap,  we worked on waving bye bye.  She waved to Leslie one time,  but wouldn't do it again for nothing.  So we will work on it again today when she gets here and off and on all day,  she picks up so fast on things,  she will have it down pat in a few days, I am sure. 

Steve got home late,  he said company boss paid visit to their shop this afternoon late,  talked individually to each employee.  He is getting a raise,  wasn't told how much,  but was told he is doing good work and an asset to company.  Good to know some boss' still commend employees for good work.  Look forward to going to work each day when appreciated. 

Supper was a late thing,  only reason being,  we weren't quite hungry til later.  Went to bed with another book,  and it's sure to be a page turner,  for Fern Michaels writing and sisterhood series promises to be good read.  I read where she is going to start a new series,  and keep this one going.  The new series will be called "Godmothers".  Wonder what sort of mischief those characters will get into,  if they are anything like the vigilante's,  those books will join my collection.

I think I have enough books to start a library.  Maybe I should check into investing in stock market for future royalities from my purchases.  lol  I now will make it my priority of hunting for a copy of the newest book,  since it is out and I have missed it somehow.  Looking forward to visiting Books a Million,  and Barnes and Noble for my quest.  I can spend hours in the book store,  Steve usually leaves me there and comes back for me when he finds something he thinks can drag me away.  Glad they are in shopping center Malls where he can take off and not make me hurry for my choices.  lol 

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  1. Lately the books I have been buying are preowned. Love library book sales.
    But also a Fern Fan, so you have me tempted.


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