Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday - Feb. 29, 2010

Sun is shining, temps are warming. Outside waits for sprucing up, gathering twiggs and left over leaves from the fall. Snow is melted, ground is thawing, grass is greening, young early perrinnals are popping out of the soil. Spring is trying to emerge, still chances of snow, but the worst of winter is behind us.

Cleaned in my front flower bed yesterday afternoon while waiting on Steve to get back from picking up cousins truck for them, now waiting for him to get home from dropping it off at farm to park til they can get it fixed. Praying things for them work out and they get settled. We will enjoy their visit while they are here with us. So much catching up to do. They have lived away for too many years. Her and I have been best friends as well as cousins. Our kids were raised calling each of us aunt and uncle.

I had to re-arrange some things in house to accomodate them, but nothing major. I am looking forward to the company as well as she will be helping me do anything I am doing for the day. Will be nice working with someone for a change, and I am hoping to get them some little wood gifts made for their home while they are here and letting her help and learn how to do her own. She loves to sew, and I have some material for making some little dresses for Kiley, she might just take pitty on me not wanting to sit in the house and sew them up for me if I cut them out.

Steve and I are planning on trip in couple weeks for our anniversary. Yesterday marked 30 years since we signed papers and bought our house. I remember little dates like that. Brought happy memories to me.

Friday, February 26, 2010

People places and things

It amazes me that so often in life we meet many people and often never give them another thought, then we happen to meet someone who weights heavy on our minds, or touches us in ways that keep us thinking of them for days at a time.

Since I started blogging, I have so enjoyed reading other peoples lives as they describe their days, plans for future and the best thing is watching their family grow and the love they share in the lives they live. I have found many personalities out in blog world, and the one thing I find we all have in common is the joy we find in writing our own ways and thoughts.

Tonight I sit here with my mind spinning with thoughts of warm tomorrows, winds drying the ground, spring plantings, green grass, leaves growing on the trees, and most of all being able to get outside and playing in the soil to bring alive my flowers for some color to view besides the black and white and gray of winter.

As this winter has been the first in over 2o some years for me to get thru without working outside the home, it was a challenge for me to find things to keep me busy and sane. I managed so far, and the biggest challenge now is keeping my focus for a few more weeks. The last few days I have noticed hives breaking out on my body, a tale tale sign I am starting to fidget.

Today was cold, temps stayed just below freezing, but the sun did manage to thaw some of the frozen areas, one - our driveway again. It has taken a beating this winter, and one of the first things we have to do as soon as it warms up is to get several loads of rock hauled in and spread on it. I did take a few minutes here and there between naps of the little one to get out and start racking up some of the wood splitting mess which has accumulated under and around the log splitter and the end of porch where I have swept off debri as I hauled wood in from stacked area. I left little piles around to be picked up later, and will get them one at a time as I take my outside breaks of a minute or two here and there.

I did compile a few of my yard and garden tools also. I bought me a new little rake to use on the flower beds to remove those last few leaves which fell after the major yard cleanup. The winds have been blowing and I also have trash coming from everyone elses yards into mine. I picked up a large peice of that foam packing stuff from the front yard, someone had used it to spray paint on, and somehow it ended up on my sidewalk. I also witnessed a plastic bag flying freely thru the air like a balloon. I hope it ends up in someone elses yard. I wouldn't want to be stingy in being the only one picking up the yard come nice weather.

The end of February is upon us. As I noted the date yesterday was the 25th, that makes it only 10 months til Christmas. Saying it that way makes the time seem to move away from remembering it's cold weather time still here, making it seem to be coming months from now.

My plans for today is to get the leaves raked off my easter lillies in the flower beds so they may grow strong and proud and flower bright yellow blooms for me by Easter if not before. My hyacinths are ready to be planted outside as soon as weather permits. My outside house plants I bring in every year are pushing toward the window wanting out too. Little Kiley and I stand at the door and look outside together, I think we both want out of the house. Boy, I am sure looking forward to my weekend getaway planned soon. When Steve said he may have to work that weekend, I told him that I was going whether he went or not. I think he may trade weekends with someone at work so he can go, for he knows I go when I say I am going. I am looking so forward to getting away, just for a weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Mental Disturbance from Medical Disorders

For almost 24 years, I have lived with guilt, which I think all Mothers go thru when faced with a medical disorder in one or more of their children. So far, over the years, I have hidden it well, learned to deal with my inner feelings, and haven't talked about it to too many people. I try not to dwell on what the future holds in store for my oldest daughter, and have always tried to be "up-beat" for her all these years. She has told me over the years that she is scared, and has asked "why" many times. I haven't had an answer, except in response I have told her no one is perfect in mind, body, or insides. She has accepted this for an answer, but as she has gotten older, she has many regrets which stems from her Kidney Disease. Most everyday, she is first on my prayer requests, and for years God has answered my prayers and I am so grateful for him listening and answering.

When my granddaughter was born, I insisted my daughter talk with her pediatrician, and explain what her sister was born with and ask for her to check Kiley, for Leslie's Reflux Nephropathy is hereditary, her specialists said when she was diagnosed. Melanie too had to be tested for it, thankfully she didn't have it. Finally in December, we had Ultra Sound and X-rays with dye in bladder test done. They didn't find any reflux. But the US found a ureter not quite right. Today we went for her 6 month US in hopes the ureter had fixed itself. The tech said there was no change in the look of it from 2 months ago. Now we wait for Ped. doc to call with her thoughts and suggestions as to who to see next, or if she consults with specialist to see if she may out grow it. So here my mind goes again on the roller coaster ride of worry. Steve and I are early 50's in age. Our older relatives didn't have monthly or annual doctor checkups. They only went to doctor when needed for illness or injuries. We really have no back ground history to go on, so we don't know who's side of the family had kidney problems. As our nieces and nephews have grown up, their seems to be a pattern of urinary tract infections in the girls, and kidney infections as well on Steve's side of the family. In noticing the pattern, we have alerted the family over the years about what our own daughter has and how important it is to have their children and grandchildren checked after birth to prevent irreparable damage. Most of the family were supportive of Leslie's surgery she went thru at age 4. So as children were born, they notified their docs of the chance, so far we have had "well" little ones born unto those younger generations.

Now I have to be concerned with my own little granddaughter and pray for the best doctors to get her thru this, and provide her with a healthy future. All the doctors we used have retired over the years, so I pray they passed on to the newer ones the same compassion and knowledge they possessed for me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another project complete, *needed: Secretary/Accountant which works for free*

My quilt shelf is complete and upon wall in use. Unfortunately the quilt (in laws anniversary quilt) being a queen size, the display isn't the whole view of the quilt, just the middle which I painted back in 1988 for their 40th wedding anniversary, hence the maroon ruffle trim and quilting ties as 40th is ruby. After this was completed, they added roof to front porch and awning on side porch and of course a porch glider swing on front porch also for swinging the grand babies. Now I sit across the room and admire the place Steve helped them build themselves and called his home for years. The place I also called home for the time we lived there, while our own home was being redone after our house fire.
It turned into a major brain storming when hanging it on wall. Our old house is a contractors nightmare, this room having been built before 1829, the first year of title and deeding homes in our county. So the hand hewed lumber in the walls are not, I repeat, NOT straight at all. The wall waves as you look across it from the side. But Steve managed to figure out what we needed.
Busy busy week, I had. So much mental work to do in the early spring, and I am not good at sitting down for long periods of time to complete the paper trail of things needing done. My desk needs a competent secretary/accountant to get it cleaned and everything updated and filed. I managed to get most of the errand runnings done for paperwork, now time to finish my end of it. And of all times to coincide, I also have the club preparations to finish for this afternoons meeting.
Melanie and Dave both had flu this week, and Kiley spent most of the time here at our house so they could rest and get better. The family thinks I have her spoiled, cause she thinks every time I walk in room she needs me to pick her up and hold her. I do pick her up and hold her and kiss her and love on her and get hugs from her, and make her giggle and smile, but I told them she isn't spoilt, she's just well loved. She loves to spend time in same room as I am in, and she whines and screams when she can see me in other room, but gee, I have to keep an eye on her and what better way than keeping her in same room with me when I am the only one home with her during the day. We just need to work on when others are here too, she can play in room with them and not have Grandma "on hand at all times". She's 6 months old today. She sits up and plays with toys, she rolls around to get where she wants to go, she gets on her hands and knees and is trying to figure out how to crawl, she stands unassisted holding onto couch or table all by herself for minutes at a time, she boogies to music and when told to "boogie baby", she pulls hair, but knows already to let go when she hears, "HAIR". She knows the hand in air when someone says "Hi", she is learning wave for "bye", for now she turns her little wrist when she waves and closes her hand at same time, she is starting to eat table food, it's so cute to watch her chew her food, she loves toast and baby cookie biscuits, and is loving drinking at meal time out of a "big girl cup". Funny thing is she refuses to drink from a sippy cup, she doesn't want the lid on it, she actually drinks from a cup. She croons "rock a bye baby" when she gets tired, and gives her Grandma plenty of gray hair when she tries to get off the bed while I am trying to change her diaper. I've had to swallow back my heart a few times, for she is so fast or else I am just too slow. But I am proud to say, she hasn't gotten/fallen off so far, thank God. Guess that's enough bragging for now.
Temps are warming up in our area, ground outside is so soft, and it's raining this weekend. With the thaw in the ground only inches deep, this rain will have to run off as it won't soak in, so low lying areas will flood some. But at least the sun is shining some on most days, and the days are getting longer with daylight, so Steve gets home before total darkness now. As soon as the ground is dry on top, I need to get out there and pick up sticks from trees which have fallen since fall yard cleanup. I walked around looking at my flower beds and see my Easter lilies are about an inch high already. At this rate they will be flowered before Easter it looks like. Hope this is major sign of spring coming early this year.
I have managed to get through this first winter of not working without the winter blahs, as I have found some projects to do and am thinking of another project for the next few weeks before I can actually get outside working again. I am thinking of making some window boxes for some of my windows. They would look so nice filled with flowers this summer. So the brain is forming images of how to make them and also to have them look attractive when empty in winter too. I'm seeing designs in my sleep. (when I sleep)
So off I go, got paperwork to be done, and it must be done this morning, as meeting time is 2PM.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Steve

Today is Steve's 52nd Birthday.

The years have been very good to him, and he's having the time of his life being a grandfather. Our girls are very close to him, and he often said over the years, "who needs boys when my girls can do anything a boy can do." He has always been good at showing them how to do things, they prefer helping him tear down and repair a motor than cooking or doing anything in the house with me.

Now with a son in law, he's very happy to include him in teaching him things he will need to know for the future, so Steve has 3 helpers now, but grow up ones. Little Kiley will be among his helpers this summer I am sure, and he will just love that.
Today we will spend the day together with the family, making him King for the day and celebrating with him with a special dinner, cake and ice cream. I don't believe anyone is ever too old for a birthday party.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good reads

Another good morning,  we have about 2 inches of snow out there.  Weather says we are like 8 inches shy of normal snow fall for area.  Another space shuttle was launched,  so weather should be messed up some more for next couple of weeks.  JMO

After shopping yesterday,  getting everything put away,  sat down a while with my new book,  by C. Anderson.  Just couldn't get into it.  When Kiley got up from nap,  we worked on waving bye bye.  She waved to Leslie one time,  but wouldn't do it again for nothing.  So we will work on it again today when she gets here and off and on all day,  she picks up so fast on things,  she will have it down pat in a few days, I am sure. 

Steve got home late,  he said company boss paid visit to their shop this afternoon late,  talked individually to each employee.  He is getting a raise,  wasn't told how much,  but was told he is doing good work and an asset to company.  Good to know some boss' still commend employees for good work.  Look forward to going to work each day when appreciated. 

Supper was a late thing,  only reason being,  we weren't quite hungry til later.  Went to bed with another book,  and it's sure to be a page turner,  for Fern Michaels writing and sisterhood series promises to be good read.  I read where she is going to start a new series,  and keep this one going.  The new series will be called "Godmothers".  Wonder what sort of mischief those characters will get into,  if they are anything like the vigilante's,  those books will join my collection.

I think I have enough books to start a library.  Maybe I should check into investing in stock market for future royalities from my purchases.  lol  I now will make it my priority of hunting for a copy of the newest book,  since it is out and I have missed it somehow.  Looking forward to visiting Books a Million,  and Barnes and Noble for my quest.  I can spend hours in the book store,  Steve usually leaves me there and comes back for me when he finds something he thinks can drag me away.  Glad they are in shopping center Malls where he can take off and not make me hurry for my choices.  lol 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend's over.

Today,  Steve and I spent the afternoon outside.  It really wasn't cold,  but it was only in the low 30's.  Sun shined making our drive way a mucky mess.  First off Steve worked on powersteering pump on the 50-M.  Hope it's fixed.  If not,  he said he'd have to put it back to manual and I don't look forward to having to drive it without PS.  I'm spoilt.  I spent the morning vacuuming and Shark steam mopping.  We tracked in yesterday after cutting wood and kids stayed with puppies running around the house, for pizza and TV after they helped us.  So house needed "de-hairing". 

While he worked on tractor,  I started unloading wood from his truck which we loaded non split wood into yesterday.  I split the small stuff I could handle,  leaving the big stuff for him.  While cutting yesterday,  we split for the load on trailer,  and got stuck 2 times in the process.  When we got it done,  we cleaned up mess,  and sat down to a roaring fire in the fireplace. 

Super bowl time come,  I headed into family room to watch it while purusing around on computer.  Got bored and felt the muscles fatigue from outside work,  so after halftimes (JMO) flop of entertainment,  I headed to lay down with my book to listen to rest of the game.  I fell asleep and missed the best half of the game from what the news said at 10.  And I only had like 4 pages left in my book,  didn't get to finish it then,  but am headed back to bed to finish it now.  New book to start by Catherine Anderson when this one is done.  Leslie just home from Super bowl party with her friends and found my cat in her room on her bed sound asleep.  I thought she was in living room on the loveseat with fireplace going.  I should have looked for her.  LOL  Oh well,  she had some alone time,  guess she needed it.  Now she's off to bed with me.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A New Toy

Ok,  Steve and I went out last night and picked up this new little toy for me to play with. 
I didn't try it out last night when we got home,  I just unpackaged it and left it on the kitchen table. 
At 5:30am,  I was up with it plugged in heating,  and was mopping my floors with it. 
I am impressed,  as yesterday I mopped all my floors while cleaning house and not much was tracked in,  in the way of dirt or wet foot prints,  and the white pad I used this morning was dirty after I got done.  I do plan to use this daily til all build up is off the floors,  for I have used Lysol/Mr Clean products on them when I mop,  and the commericals say it will clean build-up. 
When I first used it,  the steam smell,  smelt like ironing day thru the house.  I didn't care for that smell.  And the instructions say use only tap water or distilled,  no chemicals or scented oils,  stuff like that.  But it didn't say not to use vinegar.  I put just a tablespoon in my water when I got ready to use it yet again on my floors.  Yes,  I did them again.  The smell is clean,  and no more ironing day reminders of growing up with a day dedicated to that task. 

Now if only I could figure out how to rotate my house so I could use it on the walls,  and ceilings.  It's very easy to use,  and not so hard on the back like scrubbing with mop or on hands and knees. 
I think the money invested in this is going to be well spent.  JMO

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter coming around again, baby plays at night.

Looks like snow is on the way for our area,  and much of the USA.  Our area has been slightly under what's normal,  or old time winters used to be like.  As a kid I can remember snow coming as soon as Thanksgiving and staying on into Feb.  Some years it would melt then snow some more,  melt,  keeping pattern for a "real" winter.  2 years ago,  we had a very warm winter,  temps in 50's thru 70's for the month of January.  I can remember opening the windows for it was so nice here.  Then about 13 years ago,  everytime the weather forecasters would predict a dusting to an inch,  the sky opened up and dropped anywhere from 6-10" inches at a time.  We laughed all winter,  when they said "flurries"  we got out the shovels.  This made for the next winter of forecasting them making jokes from the winter before.  The last years though,  they have been pretty well right on the mark with forecasts. 

So far,  they are calling for 1"-3" here.  That should be a very nice snow. 

Kiley spent the night last night with us.  Her mom is sick w/flu.  She got her bath and was in bed by 9pm.  At 1,  she was up,  she then played til 3am.  I tried to get her back to sleep,  but no,  she wasn't going back just yet.  After she layed in my bed and played with Grandpa's beard and my face and hair,  I put her into her bed.  She sleeps in basinett on my side of the room,  she layed and talked to herself, played with her toes and feet,  sung a little to me,  while I layed there with lamp on reading my book.  Then she wiggled around some,  and went to sleep.  At about 3:30am,  I put my book down and turned off the light.  The alarm at 6:15am this morning woke us up,  she went back to sleep right away,  I kicked Steve to wake him,  I went back to sleep myself,  but phone call from Melanie at 7:10am this morning got me up.  Now, here it is 9am and she is still asleep.  So I have enjoyed waking with my morning coffee and some quiet time alone.  I am sure it won't be long and she will be up and around for the day. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Log Table

 This is completed little table I made using just small limb and chunk of a limb that I thought looked neat.  The top is just a piece of scrap lumber which I rounded the corners of and Leslie painted the IH logo on it.  She thought it needed to be in theme with our collection of other memorabilia.  Tomorrow the table can go outside on my back porch by my chair. 

While Leslie painted this today,  I made bread pudding with some old bread sitting in the bread box.  Can't see throwing it away because it got stale.  It's been some time since I made a batch of bread pudding and it sure hit the spot tonight. 

Also today,  I got  the shelf supports all sanded and ready to mount on shelf.  When Steve got home from work,  we went to Farm & Home to pick up the hardware for hanging the shelf on wall. 

While shopping,  they had out the spring garden seeds and I bought my seeds for planting my garden.  I will start up my tomato and pepper seeds in my kitchen windows,  after I check the signs for planting what plants.  They didn't have any onion sets or seed potatoes yet.  And I didn't see any baby chicks yet.  They are totally remodeling the store here in our town,  so things are a bit untidy right now.  But we didn't mind at all. 

Have errands to run tomorrow to pick up paper work so we can get our collection of tax papers to accountant to work on.  Have to pay the house/farm insurance while I am out.  I hope Leslie is able to go with me,  for I have Kiley too.  She loves to go,  but is hard for me to handle alone,  in and out of truck. 

After errands are done,  my plans are to finish putting the shelf together and varnish and stain it so hopefully Steve can hang it for me on Friday evening while Dave is off to help him mount it.  I still have to make the tabs to hold the quilt on the rod and I need to pick up the dowel rod tomorrow while I am out.  I also have to shop for present for Steve for his birthday.  I will need help with it too when I get it home,  so looks like Leslie is volunteering for the help committee and she doesn't know it yet.  lol

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday 2/1

Today Kiley and I jammed at her lunch time.  I put in CD of Beachboys and she had her little feet kicking.  She knows good music already. 

This morning first thing I ran the vac thru the house,  mud got tracked in over the weekend,  and before I noticed it,  everyone had already been all thru the house,  so I just let it go. 

After Kiley had lunch,  we went to bank,  got the errands run and when we got back she was rubbing her little eyes.  I put her in my bed and she slept for an hour.  Then she played on living room floor.  I took some pictures of her sitting there eating her toys.  She and Aunt Leslie watched some TV while I went out to shed to dig out the board for my shelf. 

Dave just picked Kiley up,  his early day off,  so now I am headed out to work on my shelf to hang Steve's parents Anniverary Quilt on.  My saws await me.....

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