Monday, June 6, 2011

First Tired Iron Pull of the Season 2011

June 5, 2011 - Tired Iron ATPA hosted our first pull of the season. It was hot and humid here on Saturday while we readied the track, mowed the area, and fixed what broke.

We didn't have a good turn out of pullers, but those who come had a great day. We received a shower early morning, which was very welcome, then it misted for some time later on in morning, again welcome as it's so dry here right now with the high 90's and heat index into 100's.

We could see a massive storm north of us in the next county. The skies were dark blue, and the line for the storm by Accuweather stopped it just 5 miles from us. So we were lucky to not have to call off the pull due to rain.

Leslie and Dave ran the sled pull back tractor of ours. Steve and Jerry had to replace the hydraulic pump on it first thing Sunday morning, but it got fixed and run great after that. Kiley got to ride with her Dad a few times. She watches intently as we do things, and she then tries to do things on her own. We have to be very careful to turn off motors or set breaks before we get off them, because she will try to drive herself. Not even 2, and wanting to drive already.

Leslie only got one picture of me, as she was busy keeping Kiley off the microphone. She got in chair and was telling me to go go go over the intercom. I even heard the Mamma go go go over my tractor motor. I think she might grow up to be our announcer at our pulls.

Dave and I were the only ones who pulled yesterday. Steve had to run the sled, and Leslie and Melanie don't pull too often, they like to watch us. Dave pulled Kiley's little C and Steve's 39M, I pulled my little 42H.

It sure was a great day. Things run smooth once everything got underway. Really enjoyed the surprise birthday cake that Steve got the kids to order and bring out behind my back. Guess you could say it turned into a surprise birthday party for me, as all the pullers and guests enjoyed sharing the cake with me and wishing me Happy Birthday all day. I could have done with no announcement and having cake at home with the family, for I was quite embarrassed with all the attention. Thanks to all of pullers and my family for such a great day.

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  1. Well "Happy Birthday To You!" I'm not going to ask how many years young you are either, although I blurt out to anyone and everyone that I'm 48, and just happy as punch I'm still kicking and able to say that.
    I love the article and pics. Made me feel like I was at the tractor pulls with you. Don't melt in this awful heatwave we're having now, hear?


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