Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's June 11, 2011

My week has flown by. Accomplished many tasks this week.

I have worked in my garden, weeding and tilling, and planting.

I have watered, weeded, weaved around the rows and plants and loved every minute of my time spent at my garden.

I have my mp3 player plugged into my ears, my choice of music helping me get moving.

I really hope when the neighbors go by, they don't think me a crazy lady out there dancing in my garden as I hoe weeds. But the Beach Boys comes on and it's boogie time.

You can find me standing and admiring my plants as they grow at any given moment, either in my garden at farm, or at home in my flowerbeds.

My days start early, and end late. The longer days just tend to add to my working around the house and outside and on days at the farm, working there as the to do lists grow. But hey, it's late spring/early summer. Time to beautify the places before the havesting begins.

Oh, I have little tiny tomatoes popping out on my tomato plants. I know a watch pot never boils, but I will still watch those little beauties til they ripen.

I'm not liking those silly cicateas, they are pests at the farm. As I was tilling yesterday, I tilled many under that were dead on the ground. Then I had to swat off some which thought I was a landing post. NOT

I have put off taking little Kiley with me to the farm. I can't leave her outside the fence around the garden, and I am not sure how she will be in the garden with me. I cherish my plants too much to try to take her without someone with me, and they all have been working or going to school. So she and I hang out at home, she does fine staying out of my flower bed, well, after the one incident of her pulling up a marigold plant, and when I yelled NO Kiley, she tried to re-plant in in the hole before I got over to her. Gotta love it. And good news, the flower is fine and growing even after being pulled up.

Everything is growing great. I've had to water it, but tonight finally, we got rain. Natures watering for me for a change. Thank God. We needed the rain.

It's been a busy week, and tonight Blogger decides not to let me upload my flower pictures. Will try tomorrow. Hoping the rain hangs around til noon like they predicted. Gives me time to catch up on what's what.

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  1. Great garden update! I can't believe you're just now getting rain. Boy did we get a doozy on Wednesday!
    Thanks for the gardening tip. I actually started using the hot pepper flakes a few days ago and I didn't soak them but it has rained now so I'm sure they've all 'activated'. :)
    Had to replant several plants and whole rows of seeds. We'll see how it goes!


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