Monday, June 13, 2011

Tour of my garden

Tomatoes are growing and I found some have little tomatoes on them. I will be a watch pot for them to turn red. I planted 4 types of tomatoes this year. Better boy, cherry, Rutger, and Beefsteak.
I planted the cherry tomatoes at the ends of the panels, so they will be easily accessible. I plan to use those for experimential making sun dried tomatoes.

Cantaloupe are loaded with blooms, looks like I will have an abundance of those, and plan to freeze some then for fruit salad in the winter.

Corn came up pretty good. I have several spaces in the rows which didn't grow any, but instead of planting more, I am going to plant flowers and herbs in those spots among the corn.

Green beans are looking to be blooming in the next few weeks. I should have beans by 4th of July I figure. We will eat as many of them fresh as we can, then I will can some for winter use.
I bought a green bean frencher late last summer, and plan to use it to make french style green beans for green bean casseroles. Family loves that dish, and it's a must dish at holidays.

I am so looking forward to my rainbow peppers. New to my garden this year, I will chop and freeze those for use in dishes. I think freezing some whole to make stuffed peppers with this winter also. Of course I will make some with the fresh ones too.

First radishes I planted, we have eaten them all. I have more planted, but they are very tiny yet. Lettuce has been such a treat as wilted lettuce. Still have some growing, but not for long. I need to plant another row of it later on.

My sunflowers and other flowers are growing big. Can't wait til they start blooming.
Steve bought me a glider bench last year for Mother's day. It's now in my rock patio at the house, but I sit on the porch at my patio table. I plan to take the bench to the farm and place it in my garden, and spend time sitting and swinging in it in the evenings when we are at farm.

All the rest of the stuff I planted are doing great. Getting greener by the day, drinking up the rain we got over the weekend. Chances today for some more rain, and it will be a very welcome watering for the grass and the plants.
Of course, the critters are a bothersome add to my garden this year. Seems they like the roots of some of my plants. I sprayed Liquid Fence all around the garden but yesterday when Steve and I drove up to the garden area, 3 of those little critters headed back across the roadway to the trees when they saw/heard us. I didn't call them nice names, lol, and when I walked around the garden, I saw where they had been digging. I even had 3 hickory trees growing in the garden from their hiding the nuts. They won't be finding those nuts hidden any longer in my garden.
Visiting and working in the garden is so peaceful. I just love the time I spend at the farm.

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