Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15 - Middle of the month

June 15 - The month is marching on.
I've kept the garden and flowerbeds cleaned, cleaned some not-usual cleaning things in the house. Started a craft project, had a girls night out, visited graves of our parents, my sister and grandparents, etc., battled the heatwave we had early this month, enjoyed the cool front which brought us some much needed rain and allowed me to open windows, played hard with little Kiley, enjoyed time spent with all the family, and enjoyed a wonderful birthday. A typical beginning to the month of June really, around here. Today I will clean out both trucks, Armor all the interior and clean the cloth seats, then wash and wax them both. 2 inches of rain yesterday morning, and not sure how many this morning again, no garden work can be done today. I have some painting to do on our shed as well as cleaning around and inside it, and numerous other little to do things to catch up on while grounded at home.
Also today, I am praying for a co-worker of Steve's. Yesterday while at work, he was using an overhead crane, the weight he was picking up was too heavy for it, and the crane broke, falling and hitting his head. He suffered a skull fracture and was sent to a wonderful hospital in St. Louis for surgery to remove the broken bone and have a plate put in for repair. God was with him, as he was alert and responsive thru the examination, and they said that was good. I haven't heard anything else so far today, but sure Steve will be updated at work. Steve was entering the building on a forklift, said he heard the overhead crane motor operating, then saw it falling and his co-worker falling over some tractor weights. He said he shut off the forklift and run over and got the guy up and out of the way of the dangling machine, and stood him by the door and had another co-worker stay with him so he could go get the GM to come see about worker. He said the guy asked for a towel, cause his head was bleeding, for he had taken off his hat, and they saw he was injured. He was rushed to local clinic, then off to hospital.
God Bless you Rusty and a speedy recovery prayer for you also.

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  1. Busy month! and OUCH! A crane? He sure did have God at his side. Speedy recovery to Rusty.


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