Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday - June 19th, Father's Day

Today, we celebrated Father's Day with our Dad's in our hearts and memories.
Miss both you Dad's. May you RIP in heaven.

Steve and I enjoyed having Kiley spend the weekend. She didn't act like she missed her parents. She was glad to see them this afternoon, and play with them. But the whole time she has been here, we didn't have any situation where she wanted them, or wanted to go home.

Steve had a nice relaxing day today. Nothing pressing to do but play with Kiley and watch whatever he wanted on TV.
Then when kids got here this afternoon, we all went out to dinner. His truck looks nice with it's new steering wheel cover and floor mats, sporting his favorite tractor logo. He hasn't put the mud flaps on it yet, and I have 2 stickers to put on the back window, but he's sure happy with what's new in it so far and the cleaning job I did on it this week. Entire interior is sparkling. I loved re-gifting him with my birthday items he presented me earlier this month. LOL He got all the items for my truck, but I wanted them in his, so I told him Happy Father's Day when I showed him I put them in his truck. He really does love me. lol

I hope all the Father's out there had a terrific father's day. Those who's father's have gone on to heaven, may the memories you all carry make your hearts glad and joy filled with remembering the time you had together.
Happy Father's Day Steve, with all my love.

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