Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally got my mower motor back

We finally got the motor for my 582 Cub Cadet back from the repair shop. They had it since Dec.10.

Steve got it put back into my mower, but had to fix the old clutch problem it was having before motor lost compression. My, did we have some hours on this mower, and it was used when Steve bought in back in 2004, for his Dad to use.

We mow like 5 to 6 hours a week with our mowers, so we put some miles and hours on them.
Steve's 782 mower is down with seals out again. Seems like every 30 hours or so, the seals leak, and he has to put new ones in it. At least we keep an eye on it and shut it down as soon as we notice the leaks, and he can repair it.
The other 782 is holding up really well. Thank God. As that's the easy hydro one that I use when mine is down.
I mowed after Steve took it for a test drive last night, and I need to get the feel of it again, as it's clutch is different now, than it was before. But I felt good in the seat. lol Funny how we get used to something, then have to change and come back to the old just to feel the appreciation of a loved one back. Wonder if that's how it will be in heaven, seeing and visiting with our loved ones. Dark thoughts evoked by a dream I had, I suppose, as I have been missing the folks lately. Heaven is a long way into the future, but their memories are like yesterday.

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  1. Thanks for the insightful comment on my blog today. I know the truth you speak and I know it's what I need to do. I find it so much easier said than done but I was hoping by putting myself out there like that I would push myself to play. :)

    I cannot believe you spend that much time mowing every week. YUCK!!!! A few hours, sure. But I would be stir crazy sitting for that long!!!

    Love the sentiment in the end of this post.

    p.s. blogger has been a brat lately! lots of inability to comment all over the place. ran into it myself.


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