Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sewing for Kiley

I made 3 dresses for Kiley over the weekend.
I have had material for years sitting in my sewing supplies.
So after seeing how hot it is going to be this summer, decided to use some waffle weave, very light material so she isn't so hot while playing outside.
I sewed for my own girls when they were little.
Made special outfits for the holiday's.
Over the years, I have only done little things, curtains, table clothes, napkins, seat covers, tractor cover, and table runners. Simple things.

I have to confess, I can't use patterns. I see what I want in my head and make my own patterns on brown paper bags. No instructions needed, I just cut out, and sew.
Sounds weird, but all those lines on the patterns to chose a size, then all those little tabs to connect, then in the end, it doesn't look like what I wanted in the first place.

Just seems easier to make my own simple patterns and sew from there.
Loved her new dresses, and I loved sewing them for her.
I have more material, and when time allows I plan to make her some more. I also think I will make her Christmas dress this year. I have an idea of what would look cute on her, and hoping to find the lace I want to use. Then I have to wait til closer to Christmas, as she is growing so fast.

This last picture is of the front of the green dress. It's open in the back. This was the first one I made, for my girls each had these sort of summer sun dresses when they were little. And they were very cool and they looked gorgeous in them.
Since garden is producing, I have to set sewing aside for now. Canning and freezing time.

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  1. How uber adorable! Look at you go! Talent my dear. And the little one gets to be a fashionista to boot.


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