Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring 2011 Look around the Farm

While dropping off tree trimmings and some left over fall leaves from home in town, then loading up and bringing home the W-6, I took the opportunity of snapping some shots of the area of farm we were at. Our fields aren't quite dry enough to disk yet. My garden is still to wet down under the top 2 inches to till. The waterways are flowing with ground saturated from snow and rains so far this spring. Driving up, saw the creeks are just half way up their banks with the relief of no rain for a couple days now. The rivers in our area are on the rise with the water coming from up north heading our way. Everyday, the news reports another height in the rising water. Some of the small river side towns and farmers who farm along the river are experiencing some flooding in the lower spots. We are nowhere near the flood area, we do have many farm friends who are. Praying this year isn't a major flood year for our rivers. Back in the flood of 92' and 95, Steve's company he workes for volunteered help in getting farm equipment moved to higher ground before the rising waters could sweep it away. Then in the evenings we sat glued to the news watching the rivers rising. We were overwhelmed with sadness when we watched those we knew loose their homes and buildings being swept away by the roaring waters flowing fast down state. Often the news shows footage from those floods, and at least now, we can visualize the new homes they have now and know they are safer from building on mounds higher than flood stage now. Many lost everything and had to start all over. So, as I took these pictures, mental note of things needing done before it gets too far into spring were made in my head. Now time to put aside to get them done. I'm working on that time allotment now. Headed up today for a few hours to start on them.
Some of our natural waterway here where we parked our implements. Shed shoud be built this spring/summer for it to park in. But now all will fit in the shed we are going to build here. But it will be a start.

Tree line in the top of this picture is our border line to the north. There actually is the start to the creek which runs thru us.


  1. So much to think about. So much preparation. Spring must be a very busy time for you. Quite the transition from winters I suppose. How's the sunshine treating you?

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