Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2 - Strawberries, Onions, Radishes & Lettuce

Let's dance and dance and dance.

I got my garden ready for planting today. Steve and I headed to the farm, he checked my garden area and said it could be worked. So I took him to get the 706 IH to hook to the disk, he then went over it like 5 times, and it all turned up nice and moist, yet dry enough to start planting in it.

Oh, how happy that made me. I did a little jig right out there in the dirt. I got the big tiller out of shed, gas-ed it up, checked the oil, and then Steve started it and did my area I wanted to plant my strawberry plants in. I carried the bags of top soil from truck while he tilled, and I got my tools and plants and waited patiently while he tilled. We added the top soil, he went over the ground again one more time to mix that in. Then I was on my hands and knees planting those strawberries. Yeah baby.

I had started doing house cleaning exercises with some online friends to get in shape for gardening back in mid Feb. We are also eating healthy and loosing pounds. I have lost so far 13 lbs. And my back and hips are in shape for gardening. Whooohooo. Only thing is, I didn't get my knees and ankles in shape for the crawling on the ground then standing up. Man do I feel old. At one time I didn't know if I could get up, as I was backed against the fence. Next time, I am going to plant on the inside of garden, not against the fence where I can't back up to get up without getting on my rows. Live and learn............

Since Steve was what farmers call striking off our field, I planted my 30 strawberry plants, and 2 rows of yellow onions sets, then a 2 foot row of radishes, and a 6 foot row of leaf lettuce.

My seedlings I am growing in the house are really taking off. I am setting them outside for the day time, as the temps are warm enough, and the sun is just what they needed to help get them growing. It's too early yet to plant transplants in the garden, with night temps still hitting in the upper 30's. But my garden is started and I am so happy to get out of the house and not have to clean everyday. I love cleaning and am a little ocd about a clean house, but it does get old after a couple months of that is all I have done.

Anyway - I pray all my things grow from this first planting. And I am so looking forward to planting the rest of my produce and watching it grow.

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