Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daffodils in bloom March 21 Picture

Sunday afternoon I took this picture of my
home flower bed with blooming Daffodils.
Today is Wednesday, and no picture today,
but the flower bed is now full of these
bright yellow flowers.
Monday afternoon, I spent the afternoon
getting my tomatoes, peppers, cantelope, pumpkins
and brocolli planted into my seedlying cups.
I have 4 types of tomatoes this year.
Looking forward to making sundried tomatoes
this year for the first time for me.
I am putting in more vegetables this
year than last. I need to go shopping for
an upright freezer, as freezing will be
equal to canning this summer.
I'm going to do the file freezing.
Should get much more in and not have
such a hard time finding what I am looking
for, or digging to the bottom for it either.
Of course, little Kiley was her while I
was planting my seeds. She discovered she
doesn't like potting soil too much.
The kid tries everything.
I have plenty of herbs to plant, so
I shouldn't have to buy many of those
this coming year, and hoping the fresh
flavor of them pleases the whole family.
We'll see with my picky eaters.

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  1. Beautiful daffodils!
    I don't have much luck transplanting seedlings. I love growing things and love planting seeds but have found it is rather a waste of time when the majority die once I transplant. Still do the herbs from seed and still grow a few. Otherwise, I will be waiting to purchase plants to re-plant. I'm not good at the hardening off. Think I'm too impatient.
    You're going to have soooo much fun with little Kiley in the garden this year!!!
    Can I suggest you look for mini-melons? I grow them w/my daughter every year!!! She loves them! They're like growing mini cantalope (about the size of your hand) and don't take up much room at all. Super Fun and Cute!


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