Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring

Sunday March 20, 2011 First day of spring.
God saw to it that our day was a beautiful one.
Started out with rain showers all night.
Missed the big super moon. Thankfully many
shared pictures of it, so I count myself lucky
to have seen it from all around the States,
and didn't have to pay air fare, or leave the
comfort of home.
Sunday, I brought the rest of the wood in
from the stack on the back porch, as now
I will use the fireplace for taking the chill
off the house as spring arrives and night time
temps stay warmer. 63* as I type now. 4AM.
Afterwards, I cleaned off the porch, and
Melanie, Dave and Kiley had walked over
with the dogs, Kiley got to ride in her little
red wagon all the way. Kids said she loved it.
So with porch cleaned off, I had them bring out
the yard chairs and table, set them up on the
porch, and we sat and visited outside in the
afternoon breeze and sunshine.
Since evening meals are never set in stone
at this house, never know how many will
be here to eat, I made homemade Pizza for
all. Using Naan Bread, everyone had their
own toppings on their own pizza.
So the day was great, and tomorrow I
plan to work around in the flower beds
again, puttering around til I can start heading
to the garden daily and play in the dirt.
I miss my conversations with the in laws as
I garden. I feel them with me all the while
I am up there. And no day of working up
on the farm goes by without thanking them
for our little acres. Most memories come from
the love and laughter we shared over the years,
while they were alive. Then their are those
questions I have for them, and I really do
hear answers and feel the peace.
Spring has sprung and I am so happy.

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