Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Around about the Farm

A couple weeks ago, Dave, Kiley and I got a chance
to get up to the farm. I needed to get 2 posts for my
hotbed, and Dave was going to check see if there was
a gear on an old motor for the 50-M for Steve.
No gear, we got posts and Kiley got to play without
hearing come back here, get away from the street,
don't climb on that, etc. She's so fearless, she gives
me heart stopping moments most days.
The grass outside my garden, I refer to as my
yard, is growing real well. I need to pick up some
more grass seed and sow it before it's going to
good so it will fill in the bare spots.
Note to self, add that to list of things needed
for gardening.
It was still pretty muddy up there, we had to park
at entry on top by road and walk, but the walk was
oh so good for us all. And little Kiley kept up,
she actually ran most of the way to where all
we went. Didn't run out of steam at all.
We picked up some downed limbs and
twigs from around wagons and W-6, fencing,
and out of the road way. Lots more to pick
up, but with the rains, it's just to muddy yet
to go up and work at farm.
We've gotten a lot done around the house here.
Not as much as I'd like to have gotten done,
but an improvement after not getting much
done in the winter between thaws like we have
done in the past. Course we didn't have thaws
this winter, so really got behind.
The first tractor pull of the 2011 season is
this weekend, and we really are looking
forward to heading south for the weekend
and pulling, as well as seeing our friends too.
Will celebrate our 31st anniversary while there.
What should I ask for this year?


  1. Yay!!! Farm time :)
    Look at the little one enjoying the warm(ish) weather. Oh I can't wait to see blossoms. I have one (yes, just one, but still...) crocus peeking out from the rock garden. It gives me hope!
    A very happy (early) anniversary to you. I think you should ask for whatever you need to get your garden started. Perhaps some cute gloves, knee pad etc... Seems as if the garden is great therapy for you.

  2. It seemed that you guys were enjoying, like in the farm is really something that make us contented plus the fact seeing everything all settled and well organized is really fulfilling.


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