Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Pulling Season Begins

Pulling season officially started this
weekend for Steve and I. We headed
to Fruitland, MO for the Egypt Mills
Pull at the Flickerwood Arena, on
Friday night. Pulled Saturday.
Saw many of our friends there also.
Picture above is our friend Gene
on his Farmall C.
This is our friend John on his AC.

This is the inside arena we pull in.
Keeps us out of the weather in March.
This year the temps were in the 60"s
so outside would have been great.

This is me, the front end heading
up, up, and up. This is low compared
to how high I got. And this totally
scared the crap outta me. I don't mind
the front end floating, but not climbing
so high that the wheelie bars dig into the
dirt track. Not for this girl.
And of course, Steve loved it.

This is Steve, and this is about as high
as the front end came up for him. He
was praying for higher, but didn't do it.
I would so have traded this wheelie,
instead of the one I did.
Since this was our anniversary get away weekend, we enjoyed doing what we love doing together. Antique tractor pulling is our thing.
We started out Friday evening in our 4 x 4, got 20 miles from home, and the front brake locked up on the truck. Steve got it unstuck, went a couple miles farther, made some stops at stop signs, brake locked up again. We turned around and headed back home. He used the manual brakes for the trailer to get us home without using the truck brakes. Unhooked from trailer, unloaded everything into my truck and hooked up and went on our way.
Talked with some friends at pull, they said to try first, putting a new brake line on it. Said that is usually what will fix it. So this week, we will get new line and Steve will put it on. Then take it for a test drive and hope it's fixed. He missed his truck. Of course, I love mine, so I enjoyed the smoother ride down and back. Three and half hours riding, mine is so much smoother. He just likes pulling tractor and trailer with V-8, instead of my V-6. But that baby done good.
It's not the first time it's taken it to that pull. Been the pull truck since 1999 when I got it, til 2010 when we got the 4 X 4.
Funny thing was, I had asked Steve earlier in the week if he wanted to take mine, cause it gets better gas mileage, and with price of gas, well it made sense. But he said no, it would be less work on the truck and motor taking his. Now I wonder, did I jinx his truck, or was it a premonition???? What ever it was, God rode with us and got us there and back and let us enjoy our trip. My bed will sure feel good tonight tho.................31 years tomorrow............

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