Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon and Spring Arrival

Sadly, I am not able to see the Super Moon tonight, it's raining here. Clouds are so thick in the sky, not even a shadow of light shining thru for me to take a peek at this rare event. Oh well, tomorrows a new day, and a start to a new season. So long winter dreary days, hello to color all around again.
I have good news, my daffodils are blooming. I have all these bright yellow flowers along the side of my house to admire. They should be just lovely first thing in the morning glistening in rain drops.
I will be sure to take camera outside with me to feed the squirrels in the morning.
Steve and I had Kiley today while the kids both worked. She kept Grandpa busy with trips outside. I love watching her little short body following around my big guy. Oh the joys of Grandparenthood.
It's sad when I see or hear of a family who wanted children, yet when they finally are able to be called mom and dad, they find so much to do, or constantly cry they need ME time. Me time from what, being a parent, giving up some things they are obsessed with, for that smile and hug and the I love you, your the best in the whole world, etc. sayings of a child who can make your heart burst with pride, seeing adoration in those little eyes, and all because YOU, you love them unconditionally.
Steve and I made time for our girls, let them grow up with us, putting everything on hold for those young years, and now we have our ME time. And most importantly, included in our ME time is those precious memory making times with our Grandchild, nowdays.

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