Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short on Time

My truck is fixed and it looks awesome. Thank you Jerry, great job.

Days are getting shorter and seems like time is passing faster than I can keep up with. Days are filled with things to do, things getting done, but more things to do.

We have cut wood, cleaned yard, cleaned flower beds, worked fields and garden, put up a small gardening shed, winterizing autos and winterized tractors, picked up another piece of equipment, got blue truck head gasket put on and it running again, some decorations and one tree put up for holidays so far, and still more to do before taking some time off for winter. I am looking forward to our first snow fall, just to do nothing but watch it snow.

Kiley is growing so fast, learning so many new things everyday, and likes to help me do anything I am doing, which slows down my progress, but that's ok, for it makes memories no one can ever take from her.

Dave and Melanie are all busy with work, Melanie is getting ready to start college classes in Jan., Leslie is looking for work, and Steve has been very busy in fields and his job.

Having an early Thanksgiving with Dave's family this coming Sunday, so preparations are being made for the get together, meaning I am baking and cooking ahead of time as much as possible.

Devon left for boot camp the 25Th of Oct. We will miss him this holiday season, but he will get home for 2 weeks end of Jan. so will have more holiday time with him when he gets home.

Must make time to catch up and keep up with things happening. Short on time to get everything done, then too tired when I have a minute, or mind is blank.

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