Monday, November 22, 2010

Steve and I have more wood to put the wood splitter to work. Wish we had gotten it done while the weather was so nice. But other things needed done, and so we left this for another day.
Saturday afternoon we headed to farm and got most of the washouts filled in. Hope they stay filled in throughout the winter and spring. Needing to get some new tile layed, which will keep washouts from occuring so often. Mother nature has her own way of controling the rains and how heavy they come at times.
Today Steve took a vacation day from work. He worked on his blue truck, and was winterizing my truck when the rain started. We need rain really bad in this area. Haven't had much rain fall since early October to moisten the ground.
We had Kiley outside with us while he was working on the trucks. She found every wrench Steve had on the ground lying by him under his truck. Good thing she likes handing Pa his tools. In the house helping me, she runs away with the stuff I am using.
I got all the holiday things which I had out to use for our Sunday dinner with Dave's family put away. As we only need small bowls and such, the larger ones are put up for large dinners. We had plenty of food, and everyone ate til they were stuffed. I cooked a small turkey, only a 13 pounder, and we had ham also. Then the trimmings of mashed potatoes, yams, homemade noodles, green bean casserole, sweet corn, dressing, cranberry sauce, homemade bread w/homemade butter, gravy, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and pineapple apricot cake, and whip cream. Everything was delicious.
The visiting after the meal was great also. We all enjoyed the beautiful day we had. Devon wasn't able to be present for our dinner this year, but we all talked of him and remembered him in our dinner prayers. In 2 months he will be home with us again for a couple weeks and we can again have a dinner with him. God Bless you Devon as you go about your career choice of being a US Marine.

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