Friday, November 19, 2010


This fall I walked around our field while waiting on Steve to get the combining done, picked up ear corn that I found on the ends and where he got plugged up several times.

The corn I picked up is now feeding the squirrels which live in some of the trees in our yard at home. Since we live in town, it's a treat to sit in the mornings and watch them play in the yard.

Now that I am feeding them in my little wagon I use in the summer months for a flower pot, I get

a really nice view of them eating.
There are several which come to eat at my house, but today there were only 3 which hung around when I went out onto the back porch with camera in hand.
This winter during the snowy times, I am sure I will see many more taking advantage of the corn I put out for them to feast on.
Next trip to farm, I am going to pick up some acorns, as there are a few trees along our driveway. They should enjoy getting those too.


  1. How fun! What a great idea. Love the wagon and the cutie pie squirrels.

  2. Did ya see the 4th one in the last picture? I'm sure they'll love you!


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