Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31, 2010

Ten months of 2010 have passed. Two more months to go.
Here at our home we have seen many accomplishments, and many to do's left on list.
Seems like we get one project done and find 4 more to do.
Yesterday Steve and I worked at farm. I finished disking, but Steve didn't get the chisel plowing done like he wanted. It was windy, and as he lit some thick grassy areas, he had to stand watch that they only burnt our grass and didn't jump to the neighbors fields.
Today we will head back up so he can maybe finish. I will work on my shed, and try to get the top put on it. We still have the cap to put on top, then I can fill it with my gardening tools. Our tillers are already in it, stored for the winter.
Yesterday while Steve was using the 1950-M to push dirt into waterway-washout, just up and died on him. After trying to start it, no luck, he had me take the truck over and pull him from field. He tried to start it while I pulled it, but it made grinding noise, and he thinks maybe the timing gear broke on it. That means taking the whole front end off and timing cover off just to see.
I figure when he starts taking parts off it, I can clean and lightly sand areas that need it, and then wipe it down with TSR and I can re-paint it. It does need it, and since that seems to be my part of keeping the tractors looking good, I can do this one now.
Next one on my list after 50 is done will be the 1942-W-6. I learned my lesson on it. I didn't use a hardener in the paint on it, and paint job didn't last. This time hardener will be added, and it can hold it's luster like the 1942-H, being the first one I added hardener to, back in 2004 when I painted it.
I am looking forward to another paint project.
Trick or treating is tonight in our town, so we will be home in time to welcome all those little ghost and goblins who ring the bell or knock on the door, than we get to try to guess who they are. Fun way to end the month of October.

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