Sunday, November 21, 2010

We were blessed with another beautiful day yesterday. Temps soared into the high 60's. Steve headed off to work, just a half day on Saturdays, I started preparations for hosting our annual Thanksgiving get together with Dave's family.
Devon won't be with us physically this year, as he left to do boot camp in the Marines in late Oct. But he will be with us in our hearts and conversations throughout the day.
After getting the things prepped and dishes done, kitchen cleaned, house readied, Leslie and I went to the farm with Steve to help him unhook equipment from tractors, and put the blade on the 966 to use to fill in some waterways made last spring and summer from our abundance of rain we had. Now into fall we are in drought conditions. Praying winter brings much needed rain or snow for the spring planting.
When we got to farm, the afternoon was beautiful, sun shining, warm, shirt sleeve warm, slight breeze blowing, enjoying the fall view from our little acres. On the way up, we saw many trucks parked in fields, as hunters were out taking advantage of a nice day for deer hunting.
As the afternoon turned to early evening, sun was covered by clouds moving in, the breeze turned chilly. At one point out in the middle of the field working, it got cool enough and the wind picked up, I took refuge sitting inside the rim of the back tire on the 966 as Steve was using the tractor and dirt scoop I was driving to work with. Leslie thought it was funny, me sitting in the tire, she had to take a picture on my cell phone of me. But hey, I was out of the wind, and it took the chill off some.
Note to self, put extra coat into Steve's truck for trips to farm to help him on those start to beautiful afternoons in Nov., for they turn into chilly evenings and a flannel shirt over a tee just isn't quite warm enough.
This morning I am up early for some quiet time and coffee before the day begins. Building list of things to do today in my head. We are all looking so forward to our visit today, and sharing our blessings with such a nice family. As both Grandma's will be together, little Kiley should not have any problem getting many kisses and hugs from us both. As if the kid isn't spoilt enough already. But she's only young once. Thank you God for another beautiful day and the bounty we will enjoy. Amen

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