Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

It's been a very good day here at the Garrison home. Our little family spent the day hanging out, and just doing whatever each wanted. Some read a book, others watched TV, and the littlest played hard with everyone.
For lunch, I made a big pot of Beef and homemade noodles. For supper I made nachos. Nothing traditional this day, as we had the big meal on Sunday with the whole family.
It turned cold here today. Rain turned to sleet, now the wet puddles are frozen. The air is brisk and clean feeling, like it usually feels when it gets cold. I was hoping to see some snow flakes today, as the snow always reminds me of a cleansing.
Today I spent a lot of time remembering our parents, both our parents are gone, and they were here with me today as I recalled holiday's past when we all gathered for a big meal and lots of laughter. My house had fewer people gathered, but we laughed and spent time just being together and loving each minute of it.
The dishwasher is going, TV has a Christmas special on here with me, Steve is stretched out in his chair resting after the strenuous day he had entertaining the granddaughter. Leslie is in her room chatting to her friends on the Internet, Melanie and Dave headed home with Kiley to get her bathed and into bed after playing hard all day. Jade and Dusty had plenty to eat with left overs. I spoil the grandpuppies.
I am thankful today for the opportunity to have my family close and healthy, loved and loyal. God Bless those who couldn't be with their family today, may their memories be as good as mine have been. Those who gathered, I hope they made memories that last a life time for someone they love.

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