Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spent day in Kitchen again.

I spent the day in the kitchen again. Made tomato sauce, and sloppy joes sauce too. Got another batch of bread and butter pickles done, as well as another batch of pickle relish.
I looked at my jar supply, and have only half dozen pints left and a dozen 8 oz. jelly jars left.
If I have any more to can, I will finish filling those and then be done for this season of harvest. After the storm which hit the last 2 Fridays, most of my vegetable garden is damaged beyond repair.
I am happy I got the great harvest I did this year. I have plans already forming in my mind of what I want next year.
I am taking cuttings from perennial flowers here at house to plant this fall in areas I want to help erosion problems next year. They should come up next spring without fail.
Plan to go to farm today and start cleanup of left over damaged foliage and prepare the soil for winter.
I have to finish the shed to house gardening tools and tillers. The makeshift one I made this spring worked for summer. Winter needs a more sturdy and reliable shed. With the heat being so bad here this summer, I put off finishing it or even working on it. Now it's cooled off, it's time to re-group and start getting things rolling on that list of to-do's for outside work.

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