Monday, August 9, 2010

My Kids and others

Not sure if I had posted this picture til I went looking thru my file, and sure enough, it was not there. Might as well include it in the others I share online in my blog.
Front row, our oldest daughter - Leslie, and our nephews girlfriend - Tara.
Back row, red shirt - our son in law (better known as just our son) Dave, our youngest daughter Melanie, and my nephew (my 2nd oldest brothers youngest son) - Tony. I think this was taken in July around Dave and Melanie's anniversary time, not really sure, it could have been for Leslie's birthday, but they had gone out for the night to listen to a friend of theirs band. They had fun, as you can tell, a few of em' standing here for this picture is already feeling good.
I sit here looking at all of them, and boy, do I ever see my dad in Tony. I don't know whether my brother sees it or not. But the eyes and forehead are my dad up and down. Wow. Family resemblance shining thru.

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