Sunday, August 8, 2010

Watching the Parade

Parade was nice to see so many participants from the small town entered.

Many people turned out to watch the parade as well. Visiting took place while we waited for the parade to come by out seating place.

Weather cooperated with us, as it wasn't as hot as it had been. No rain, shade trees were abundant for parade watchers.

Hundreds of pounds of sugar was tossed into the crowds in the form of candy, as well as paper handouts and business cards for the adults.

Cheap form of advertising for merchants and an evening of visiting with friends and relatives.

This town won't have another event like this for 3 years, so it seems everyone looks forward to 2013 for the next one.

Greenfield Triennial Parade of 2010

We too, will look forward to the next one.

Wonder what the theme will be for that one, as this one was "Remembering the Days".

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  1. Ah parades! Small town parades are the best! Ours is on the Fourth of July ;)

    Thanks for welcoming me back from vaycay!


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