Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Changing with Age?

30 years ago, if someone would have suggested I try my hand at making pineapple using zucchini, I would of run screaming EEWWWW.
This year, a cyber friend posted a recipe for zucchini pineapple.
Needless to say, I use lots of pineapple during the holiday season, and this year I have an abundance of zucchini producing in my garden.
So I put the recipe to a test today, and made my family our very own homemade zucchini pineapple. Oh the taste is soooo good. I like pineapple, but the canned fruit has some core in it, and I don't care for the crushed store bought pineapple for that reason.
Well this pineapple is well worth the risk of making, it tastes just like pineapple without that core crunch. I don't think I will purchase pineapple again after tasting this. I am starting to be much more daring in my age, than I was years ago. And I am proud to say I am glad I took this challenge to myself to try the recipe. I am not at all disappointed. The real test will be baking with it to see if family even notices there was no can in the trash, only a jar in sink.

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