Monday, August 2, 2010

Clear coating the 39 - M

Steve is participating in a Triennial town parade Thursday night, and he is driving his 1939 - Farmall M. So detailing went on Sunday afternoon, Dave, Steve and Melanie welded little paint brushes and painted all the bolt heads and nuts on his tractor after washing it really good to remove all wax.
This morning I clear coated the hood, grill and gas tank. Now it has a brilliant shine to it. The sun is too bright on it right now with this picture, but it looks real nice. Since clear coating takes just minutes to dry, the tractor will be ready for the parade on Thursday evening.

Kiley gets to ride in the parade also. We're not sure if it's going to be on the trailer on a pedal tractor, or in the back of an old restored International Scout. If it's on the trailer, I will have to get to painting it too. but won't take long, as there isn't much metal, just the rails, ramps and fenders. It would look so much better cause it really needs it. I wanted to get a new fender for it, for the guy's bent one up real bad when they loaded wood on it a couple years ago. But since we hadn't gotten the new fender yet, I have held off painting it yet.
Sometimes pressure is the best motivator though.

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