Thursday, September 2, 2010

As Autumn approaches

Fall clean-up in my garden is started. It is really looking bare. And of all things, my green beans should be gone by now, a couple storms moved thru area and the wind and hard pounding rains stripped the stems, but after the warm spell after storms, they are now greening up and have blooms all over on them. Instead of pulling up the vines, I have left them in hopes they will produce thru frost.
Green peppers are still popping out, picking them young and tender, using them as they ripen.
Zucchini shows signs of producing longer too. My cucumber plant, only one which made it, needs stopped. I have more jars of relish than we will eat in a couple years. I know what friends and family will get in there Christmas basket this year. And we will be eating lots of chicken, tuna, and potato salads too.
Tomatoes are winding down, plants which survived the winds are producing smaller tomatoes and smaller quantities. I got a lot from my garden this year, saving money on winter grocery bill. It really wasn't a lot of hard work, once I got a handle on the weed roots, it was simple to keep it clean and weed free allowing my vegetables to grow hardy and plentiful.
Making plans for next years garden already, and looking for more ways to use produce, ways of preserving, and new ways to cook vegetables over the months to come before planting time again. I just hope next year the summer isn't quite so hot here in our area. Sweltering heat might be good for the garden, but it sure wasn't easy on me.

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm ready for winter, but I'll take fall! This summer was not what I had ordered ;)
    Have to get out in my garden too! Clean-up. Satisfying with a tad of sad. *sigh*


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