Friday, August 13, 2010

My Friday Tackle

Today I worked cleaning house and rearranging to get all my canning put into cabinet.
I started cleaning in living room, as my cat decided to move one of my plants to the floor so she could lay comfortably on the shelf where it sat in front of my window. Silly critter, she thinks she has to sun in the mornings on that shelf. Needless to say, I had potting soil to vacuum up and shelf to clean first thing. Moved out the furniture to vacuum under things, then headed to bathroom, scrubbed it all down, cleaned everything to a shine. Well, it shines til the others use it to clean up in.
Family room I just vacuumed, the catch all for papers and magazines, mail, etc. room will get gone thru tomorrow sometime.
Sheets to change in morning and then kitchen to finish up, as I worked in cabinet to get canning placed for future use took the rest of the afternoon.
Supper was simple, and now I am enjoying some reading on computer before heading to bed later. I consider my day of tackling to do's a success.

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  1. Boy what a busy night! Your posts are always so cute!


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