Friday, August 6, 2010

Prepping for Parade.

Dave and I spent the day gathering things we needed to load on trailer with 1939 M to take for parade Steve, Melanie and Kiley were in.
Company Steve works for proudly displayed a line of there tractors and a combine along with our old tractor, as the theme was "Remembering the days".

Of course Kiley seemed to keep everything clean by wearing the dust off everything all over her. But she had a blast at Papa's work helping take off with tools, water bottles, and dust rags, along with sitting on the pedal tractors.

The guy's took time out to have some fun and laugh when the boss come up and asked where they wanted to put the flag?

They loaded up with lots of candy to throw to the children watching along the route.
The weather cooperated for the evening with cooler temps and lower humidity thank God.
The little town had quite a turn out and many business' participated in the parade itself.

Tractors gleamed with fresh wash and wax jobs, as did the little pedal tractors that I took up for them to use.
The 39' even got some fresh paint and detailing this week to lead the group as the oldest tractor lead the pack to the new ones. Years have been good to the Farmall/IH/Case-IH company, as it continues to produce quality machines.

As collectors of old Farmalls, we take pride in showing off part of our collection at times at parades and shows as well as using them on our farm.
We had a very nice evening in the little town of Greenfield, IL watching the parade and seeing people we know, saying Hi and watching with pride as part of our family participated.

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