Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week round-up

The week has sped by, accomplished little, started a new craft object. One is made, another is in the works. I am using old odds and end dishes. So far nice comments about it.
Yesterday Steve and I worked in the garden and at the farm. Grass sure grows fast when the rains come often and warm to hot weather hits. Doesn't take long to get tall again. I got the weeds out which had started to sprout again, my last planted corn and green beans are growing good that I planted Memorial Day. Must have planted in the right moon sign.
Kiley spent the night last night, she's growing so fast and trying to walk from one thing to another. Her little steps are so cute, then plop down and get up and start all over again.
Leslie will celebrate her 27th birthday a week from tomorrow. This is a time when us parents ask ourselves where has the time gone. The kids are all going out together, so Steve and I will watch Kiley again while they go celebrate.
Pending weather tonight and tomorrow, I plan to get more grass seed to plant around my garden fenced area. Being on a slight hill side, during heavy rains, we end up with some major washouts, and growing grass in the area will deter the soil from washing away so bad. What I have planted come up good and thick, but I need more in the area where the rain took it down the road way.
Also, I will take the t-posts to farm and start getting ready to put the panels up along side the tomatoes to climb on, keeps them off the ground. I already need to start training my zucchini to grow up the fence, it will take the cucumbers another couple weeks to have to train them onto fence.
Have so many odd things to do, weather holds off most of them, as they are outside things. Again, depending of the weather, I will get my shed floor started also. It will take me a couple days of digging and leveling, then pouring the concrete. It should take off once the little time consuming things get lined out. I hope the next few days go a little slower so I can see what I got accomplished in them.

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