Friday, June 25, 2010

Foggy start, Sunny finish.

My day started off foggy this morning. Moist clouds hung over the farms as I entered the country from town. Some places the fog was thick and required slowing down on the road just to see where I was going. As I drove on, heading to our farm and the sun was rising, the fog disappeared completely by the time I made it to the farm. It left everything dripping wet with dew, including me after walking around in the grass and starting my weeding.

I did enjoy watching the sun rise. even if it was all alone, just me and the birds. Oh there was a skunk in the driveway when I got there, but he headed into the woods at the corner of our field. I had to tolerate the smell for about 15 minutes as he must have encountered something which startled him at some time before he got to our place, for the smell lingered with his walk thru our farm.

My veggies are all growing at a fast pace. I discovered green tomatoes about the size of baseballs on the plants. Oh the wait is on now for them to start turning red. I picked more green beans, final total is approximately 3 gallon for my first picking off 3 rows. Very good first ripening I think. The rest of the veggies are growing good, my zucchini are so pretty with their big beautiful leaves, I wonder how they would look planted in a flower bed with flowers surrounding those huge leaves with the blossums on the bottom of them. I am disappointed in my sweet corn, as I don't even have half the stand I planted. Will see if we get just a few ears to eat.

On my way home, I stopped on the bridge over the Macoupin creek to take a picture of the high water. Northern IL has gotten several inches of rain the last few weeks, and it is coming down the country creeks and the IL river. River is out and some small towns along the river are seeing water rise and flood the lower areas of their towns. This isn't the first time for these creeks and river to be flooded this year. Unfortunately this spring has produced heavy rains here in our area alone, along with the heavy snow fall from winter which brought up the waters. At least I see it flowing fast, meaning it is empting out and now just holding the water. Farmers don't want the backup water in their fields again like they had this spring. Weird weather we are experiencing.

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