Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Charge the battery.

Took a few pictures of the Shumway pull on Sunday. About 120 miles from our house. Was worth the drive just for the view, even tho the roads were bumpy. I felt every bump.
Steve pulled 3 classes, our friend pulled 4 classes between him and his son. We ran into several other pullers we know and had a good time catching up with how everyone is doing and where we will see each other at next pull.

We are headed to Cameron on Sunday for another pull. I intend to take it easy and be able to pull there. After all, we take my tractor, and it wants mama to drive it. lol

Looking forward to watching fireworks go off as we come home that evening. Should be quite a show on the road home thru all those little towns.

I am reminding Steve to hook up the battery charger Sat. for full charged battery for Sunday's pull. Last Sunday we went and had to use battery pack to put charge in battery for we didn't charge it since starting pull season. Using magneto ignition instead of distributor and alternator makes no charging system to re-boost the battery, so we have to charge it a couple times a season. Just have to remember last time it was charged and make sure to boost it before we head out to long distance pulls.

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  1. Boy, it's been ForEveR since I've seen a tractor pull! Thanks for reminding me of the fun! So great that you drive in 'em too ;)
    I always dreamed of driving a Monster Truck!!!!

    p.s. glad U R good :)


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