Friday, June 4, 2010

Early Spring Gardening

This picture was taken early this spring while I was working up the flower beds at our house. Even the grass hadn't started greening up very much yet. I had bought Kiley her own gardening tools and we had to get picture of her chewing hers while I used mine.
Now she bangs hers on whatever is close to hit. I keep telling her to hit the dirt to loosen it, but she would rather pick it up with her hands and try to eat it than work it to plant. Next year she should be a lot of help to me if I can keep her at the weeds and not the plants themselves.
Now that the warm weather and rains have arrived, everything is growing really well. Such pretty vivid green this year. Just hope the rains continue as needed to keep things growing like they are. Corn crop really sprouted up over the last week of hot weather and rain at night. Most farmers are done planting now. Low lying fields which got flooded during the wet spell in May had to be re-planted, and beans have finally gotten in after that rain also. Farm Bureau magazine reports that 95% of crops are in the ground and growing.
Off today to check out garden after the showers this week, hoping to see seeds I just planted starting to sprout. Hope they didn't wash out. Really need to get out of town for a while. Love the free feeling when I visit the farm, breathing room is how I feel when I step out of the truck. There is usually a breeze, which should feel great today as the heat has moved back into our area. 74% humidity and 90* temps. Just a tad sticky out.

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  1. It's about time we got a photo with YOU in it!


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