Thursday, June 24, 2010

Generation ending

Last night we attended visitation for the last of Steve's parents generation. Uncle Leroy was 85 years old. He worked hard all his life, farming and odd jobs. He lived in his family home which all his siblings were born in, all his life, except for the years he was overseas serving in WW II, and the early years of his marriage. After his mother passed away, for his father had passed at early age, he bought the family homestead and farmed it and lived in that house the rest of his days. Imagine, being so content in life to never want to leave home.
As we visited with family and friends, the realization that our generation now is the one to start passing away, brought me to look close at these people who are Steve's relatives and those I have come to like more than others, well they got the tighter hugs and warmer smiles and I walked away with another memory to store for my old age days.
As Steve and I are the youngest of the family, we stood looking at the older cousins and talking with them, we were all discussing our grandchildren and how they are such joys in our lives, I got to also hear stories of Steve and his cousins adventures of growing up. Growing up for our generation, we didn't have much in terms of material things, but we had so much fun just visiting and knowing our family was close in love. So tonight was a sad reminder, that the generation responsible for teaching us how to love one another has ended, leaving us now to rely on our upbringing to lead us forward in our lives to teach our children and grandchildren the same as we were taught.
God grant us the wisdom to meet our new challenge and guide us on our mission, for now it's our turn to be the leaders in our family. RIP Uncle Leroy and thank you for the memories we shall carry with us til we meet again.


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