Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 2010 Pull

Sunday our club hosted our first pull of the season. This year we added another Division for pullers to choose from, and we added $100 to a Bonus class of the day, on top of the winnings for that class. The money will be split with the top 3 pullers in the class. The June pull, K Westerhold pulled the Division and Class for the Bonus Class of the day. Div. III 6500# class got the added bonus of winnings. B Stock won the class.

Day started off on the chilly side, as this area had a cold front move in over night. Sure felt nice after the last 2 hot days we had with high humidity also. Tempuratures stayed in low 80's, breeze was out of the WNW, so the sled operator and the stage felt the dust and dirt the whole day, but we enjoyed the
nice weather and the fun of the pull. Our club president took time to pull also while keeping things going throughout the day.
New this year on our website, I have added a page for the pull results, which was a much requested page from pullers, as they like to keep track of their distance in different track and weather conditions.

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