Friday, July 2, 2010

View of my garden.

I took advantage of having a day to myself and headed to farm to enjoy the beautiful cool weather and the time to again battle the weeds which seem to sprout in minutes.
I walked the garden and hoed out any sign of weeds growing, figure get them while they are small and they won't make the garden look shabby.

After I got the garden hoed and re-checked, I walked the outside of the fence and got the weeds along the edge where the mower can't get. Top photo is of one of my zucchini plants. This one I am watching close, for it has the first one on it about 4 inches long. If the blooms are any indication of what produce will come from them, I am headed for several hours of prepping for freezing come later this summer.
Everything looks real good. After I got the weeding done, I checked the mower oil and gas, and started mowing.
Wouldn't you know it, the front left tire started going flat on me, and I didn't have any fix-a-flat or the portable air tank with me, so I mowed til it looked real flat and parked it and put things away and headed home. I am sure Steve will stop by farm on way home and see that I got the drive lane mowed and top part of the garden hill done, and started on the lane back to equipment mowed and then stopped. If he checks the mower he will know what happened, if not, he will come home and ask me why I didn't finish it up. lol
So in the morning when Kiley gets picked up from spending the night at Grandma's and Papa's, I plan on heading back up and finish mowing. Seems like the last few times I have been up at farm working, I only get to spend a few hours and either I am done, or something goofs up and I have to leave. I love spending the day up there. So peaceful and serene.

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  1. Our zucchini is about half that size. Is the blog picture at the top your house?


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