Monday, January 24, 2011

Trouble with Snow on Jan. 22

Ditches are not a girls best friend.
Leslie went out Saturday night,
heading home in the snow, she was
sucked off the road and hit a ditch
bank. Clipped it mighty hard.

Everyone was ok. Sudden stop and
a rude awakening for a looped back
seat rider. But no injuries, except
the upset that now she had no wheels
til this is fixed.
The guy who pulled her out, also
pulled the bumper out so she could
get it off the road til we got there to
access the damage. Steve looked it
over and declared it drivable home.
Next day, Steve tried to start it,
no go. So he popped the hood and
thinks the new battery we just put in
it got busted in the crunch.
Now need new front clip and
headlight assembly. Bumper is
straightenable. Insured but on
liability and medical. So this
expense is on us along with the
work. Another project in the
works for spring.

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