Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mellow Sunday Jan. 9

Today turned into a mellow day for me. I heard from
a friend which lost her husband end of 2010.
I can not imagine the pain she is feeling.
Weather forecast is calling for snow for Monday.
2 to 4 inches expected. As a snow lover, I really
don't mind. I do rather love the way it has snowed
this winter so far. A few inches and stays on the
ground for a few days, then melts away, teasing
us with mild temps, which sends me outside to
soak up a little sunshine with my coat on.
Then another storm comes thru and drops a
few more inches of the white to enjoy again.
And the pattern seems to continue so far this winter.
Last week passed by so slowly for me. Don't know
why, it just felt like the days were endless and the
nights were too short. Cabin fever maybe?
I am praying for a little more normal feeling, going
into this new week.
I will, and not put it off, will get out my material
and get Melanie's kitchen curtains made, and with
the left over material, make her some matching
pot holders and place mats.
After I get those done, I have some ideas for some
aprons for me. I seem to always need to wipe my
hands and the towel over the shoulder tends to leave
my shirt damp where it lays. I get a chill every now
and again from that, as it's furnace time.
I will be sure to take pictures and post as I get my
items made. Today, with me being in my mellow
mood, I have only piddled around, cleared some
debris from desk, fixed lunch, run a load of dishes
in the dishwasher, and sat around surfing on the web.
Now I am heading to my easy chair with my book
for an hour or so. Supper time will be here before I
know it. Do people have to eat?

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