Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saucy Saturday Jan. 15

No, No, I am not sauced up. I don't drink. Well, I am thinking of adding
red wine to my nightly rituals to see if it helps me sleep, but so far I haven't.
Saucy Saturday is the feeling I am carrying over from yesterday.
I had a whole day alone, home alone, I laughed as I thought of
the movie Home Alone, in which Kevin ran thru the house and
jumped on the beds, went thru Bud's room, and talked to himself
the whole time. Singing and dancing thru the house, laughing at
nothing in particular, picking and choosing what I wanted to do,
without the thought of anyone else for a few hours. That was me
I started off just hanging out on the computer, just seeing what was
going on in every ones world that I connect with. I didn't get to everyone
but I enjoyed catching up with those I did read about.
Time to get busy, I headed outside to clear the snow off the
trucks which I hadn't done since I didn't need to go anywhere
while it was so cold out. Steve had cleaned his work truck off
but the others stayed blanketed with snow. Shoveled paths
around them also, so we wouldn't track it in them while it
hangs around before the melting naturally removes it.
That done, I started stacking wood into the little trailer we
use to haul to front door to bring in and stack in wood box
by fireplace for use. Arm tired out and suffered neck/head
shooting pains from the use, story of my life.
Come inside, made me a pizza for lunch, emptied dishwasher,
loaded in what was in sink to run later.
Surfed the web some, ate lunch, then got off my butt and
started cleaning house. For some reason, as I started to vacuum
the living room, the little ditty song, Does your bubble gum
loose it's flavor on the bed post overnight?, popped into my
head and there I was vacuuming and singing out, with no
worry if the neighbors could hear me or not.
I figure they didn't, for no one come knocking on the door
wearing white coats to ask me to go for a ride with them.
On thru the house I come with the vacuum cleaner, this
time I was singing the Oscar Mayer song for wieners and
bologna. Seemed like the day for being saucy acting
since no one was around to witness it.
Of course my girls have witnessed this behavior over
the years by me, so there was need to worry about being
caught by one of them having my good time day.
So today I wake with the same ditties in my head and
the same feeling of giddiness, again, alone, at least for
a few today. Steve works til noon, then he's staying at
shop to fix his exhaust on his work truck, then he will
be home.
Am I stir crazy from too many hours at home? I think not
yet, but may be getting close to needing to get out.

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