Wednesday, January 12, 2011

S & S Wednesday Jan. 12

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I started the day with cutting out and sewing on
curtains for Melanie's kitchen.
I mentioned started, right?
The K was here today. Need I say more.
She decided to try to help me, she wanted
to learn how to sew, thread the machine, cut
with scissors, and play with the top spool
of thread as I was sewing.
She kept climbing into the chair with me,
literally hanging over my shoulder, learning
way too much for her little mind and my
peace of mind.
The little monster has learned to carry her,
my step stool around to reach anything she
isn't tall enough to reach. You can imagine,
the stool is carried from room to room.
So I put the sewing away, hid the scissors,
moved the chair, and prayed I could interest
her in another activity. Making cupcakes caught
my eye as I looked in cabinets for something she
could help me with. So we messed/made cupcakes.
Then, when they were done, she didn't even
want one. Saved more for those who will eat them.
She sure was wound today. Running thru the
house, screaming, laughing, dancing, and
just wanting hugs and kisses, as she's my daily
little lovebug. My poor kitty, she will have to
find herself a higher place to take naps.
Kiley decided today, if she isn't napping,
Patches won't nap either. Naps suddenly
turned into 20 to 30 minute rest periods.
Doesn't leave much time for me to accomplish
things I get done during those naps.
Where, oh, where does the energy come from?
Next week we start a whole new hanging at
Gr-ma's house times. Melanie starts her college
courses at Lewis and Clark. Oh, happy
evenings a'coming for Gr-Pa.
So commenced my Sewing and Sweets day.

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  1. What a happy messy day! I've started up watching my borrowed baby again now that school is back in session. A few days a week is all I seem to be able to handle. I love the time spent but my body does not! How do you cope with your chronic pain while watching your darling little one?


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