Saturday, January 22, 2011

A day at Gramma's house.

Kiley decided to re-arrange my living room.
She was bringing the footstool down the hall
to the family room.
She had toys all over the living room, and
just for some reason decided to bring that
stool in here. My thought, she was going to
use it to climb up on something she wasn't
suppose to climb on, or reach something
higher than her little arms could get.
She knows where the step stool is in the
kitchen, and uses it to stand and watch me
cook and prepare meals when she is here.
She's such a monkey. She even climbs on
her pedal tractor and over the side arm
of the couch and back down.
She even knows how to climb crossed
legs to sit on lap with no assistance.
If not for her independence, and
learning how to do things for herself,
I wouldn't be able to keep her daily.
Kiley is sure a joy to have around to
watch explore and grow.

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