Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jan.6 - Talk about a Thursday

It's gonna snow again, yes, it's winter and snow is a must.
Suppose to come in tonight, and all day tomorrow, only about an
inch they are predicting, but snow no less.
Then stay cold, meaning it will hang around for several
days, that's good news, at least for me.
So, my title needs explained.
My day was spent watching little Kiley again, while her
parents work. I think she is getting more teeth in, for she
is thristy and her #2 is soft, very soft at times,
very soft soft today. So first off, mid morning, she'd
had lots to drink, so she sort of overflowed out the
leg of her diaper on one side, so off comes the wet/damp
clothes, and into the dryer, damp, not soaked, and
I have sent her other clothes home with her, so not
really any reserves here. I take my laundry that was
drying out of dryer, insert hers, 5 minutes should do
it. Kiley, takes off running and giggling anytime she
has her clothes off, so there streaks through the house
the little K. Such a cute sight those little chubby legs,
going as fast as they can.
Fast forward, clothes are dry, Gr-ma holds the clothes
in one hand and tells Kiley to come get dressed, holding out
other hand for her to take hold of. No such luck, kids
giggles, slaps at my outstretched hand and goes the
other way, with Gr-ma in hot pursuit. I corner her at
a chair in living room, literally drag a giggling little K
to an area on floor not covered with toys and building
blocks, get down on floor, lay her back, let go of her,
only for her to do the R & R from me. Yeah, she rolled and run.
Up I get, chase her little flying legs all the way to my
bedroom, where again I corner her, she hasn't figured out
yet that she should run to kitchen and around the table
to keep away from me.
I get her settled on floor, with legs flalling, giggles, feet jerking
back from me, I put her little panty hose on her.
What an adventure at least for me. Finally dressed.
Lunch time, she is eating her food, talking in between
bites, trying to share with me, but no thank you
anyway honey, Gr-ma has her own. All of a sudden,
she pushes her plate away and says done, and whines
and lifts herself up off seat of the highchair. Ok she's done
and wants out now. I get washcloth, clean food off her
hands and face, and oh my, oh my, oh my gosh, what
is that smell. Oh Kiley, you peeyou'ed. She says phewww.
Ok, diaper change immediately. I take her to my room,
lay her down, start stripping her clothes off only to
discover the doo had went up the back of her diaper and
started to escape out the top of it, and it had started out the
side of her leg too. Ok, ok, breathe, oh no, not breathe,
Take all clothes off the poor baby, clean her, take toxic diaper
to trash, and she had done the R, D, & R this time. She had
rolled, dropped off bed, and run, this time naked through
the house to living room, where again she was cornered.
Had clothes and diaper with me, as Leslie had dug up some of
her mismatched clothes we have, and I again did the wrestling
match to dress her. I won another round.
Nap time came, went well, got up in good mood, giggling and
running. So far so good. Wheewww.
I picked her up later on, and she had wet out her diaper again.
I think Mom needs to go back to Pampers.
So here we went again, doing the R & R and Gr-ma
again chasing her and wrestling her to get some more
mismatched clothes on her little bitty body.
How in the world does so much strength and energy
live in that tiny little body.
Her Dad is off work tomorrow, I hope he has just half as
good a day as I had today, for I sure don't want to have
all the fun times with her.
God please give Dave as good if not better day tomorrow
as I had today, for those wonderful unforgetable
memories. Amen

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  1. The giggling, running and game playing? What fun! What memories! The leaky, poopy diapers? I don't miss a bit! Here's hoping daddy gets the same treatment *wink* (clinking glass w/you). hee hee!


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