Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tearful Jan. 2

I sit here today with a very heavy heart.
A friend lost her husband in an accident.
She is heartbroken, scared, shocked, and wanting to die too.
Words fail me, for the this friend.
I am ashamed I can't think of words to help her, as I too am in shock.
I have never been in this type of situation to know what to say.
My heart breaks for her and her family. She is hiding right now.
She messaged me to pray for her and little detail of what happened.
I am praying God will send me the words to offer comfort.
I am waiting for word if she wants me to come to her.
I so much want to go, but here's the thing.
We are only cyber friends, but very close and talk often via group we are in together.
We have shared ups and downs, vents and happiness.

I pray God introduces us and I am able to hug her in person.
In this instance, I am sure a virtual stranger is the best ear.
But I want to be her friend in person now, more than ever.
She has come to be someone very special to me.
I await her message back, for I offered to be there in person if she will let me.
God please let her hear my heart in my words.
God Bless this family, let them grieve in peace, with them in your arms.


  1. Oh I am so very sorry to hear the news. I pray she have the strength to get through and that her heart heals quickly. Sounds like you may have the answer you were looking for right in your heart. Perhaps she is unable to answer or know what she wants or needs. Perhaps she thinks it would be too much to ask.
    Sounds like you want to go. Maybe you should let your heart guide you. Pray. Quiet your heart. What does it say?
    Darling, you don't need the right words. Sometimes it is the silent embrace and a listening ear that is most necessary in a time like this.
    I pray for you to receive guidance in this situation. I pray for her broken heart and for her husband who has lost his life. How very sad.
    Big hugs to you as well.

  2. Several years ago my then BIL lost his father. I wasn't crazy about BIL, but felt his pain. I told him that I didn't know what to say because nothing I said could make him feel better. He thanked me and said that was the thing he wanted to hear-that someone understood that nothing could make it better. I pray you get an opportunity to help this friend!


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