Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Introducing Farming Equipment to Youth

It's harvest time here again. Steve is working day job and nightly finds him running combine. Last night, I took Kiley up to see what her Papa is doing, and she got her first combine ride. She watched every move he made, every lever he used, and watched him drive thru the field shelling corn.

After the first round, she thought she knew enough to help him. She wanted to drive, and when we told her No, she then got over to the pedals and wanted to push on them, again telling her No. She didn't just stare out the windows like our girls did, she wanted to do it. Only being 1, she sure things she's older.

You can see her reflection in the window as she watches what is going on during the start thru the field.

When it was time for us to head home, Steve had to hold her back til he could lift her down to me. She wasn't afraid of the height at all.

I think she had a good time for her first ride in the combine. I am sure she will have many rides in the future, and I know she will learn how to drive one too. She is after all the heir to our farm and equipment. We hope she carries on the tradition of farming in the family.

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