Sunday, September 12, 2010

Have a nice day.

It's Sunday morning. I am going to tie my cat to a chair. She is running thru the house like a wild animal, jumping on everything in her path. She leaps onto the kitchen table, runs across it, leaps onto the back of a chair and hangs upside down on it, looking thru the slats at me to come with flyswatter to chase her off chair. Her claws are making marks on the wood. I am about to catch her and tie her feet together so she can't climb, run or leap.
Now she's headed into living room at the speed of light to run across the furniture in there. Steve is in there, so she will head back into family room with me. Silly cat. I sure hope she calms down as she ages. Being still a kitten, growing yet, she has energy like a child on an inside cloudy day who tends to get into everything. I think we have all had those type days with our children, today is mine with my cat.
She has added to my list of things to do this fall/winter, as now I will have to re-do my table and chairs in kitchen. Good thing I love working with wood and refinishing furniture.
Time to get showered and hoping to head out the Air show at Scott Air Force Base today. Something to see those air shows. I am a big fan of planes. Looking forward to a beautiful day.

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