Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Adventures in Shopping

The kiddo is growing, and it's getting cold outside, for her anyway. Since we spend so much time outdoors, weather permitting, instead of the Air Show yesterday, Steve and I went shopping.
First off we had lunch at Golden Corral.
Then we stopped at Home Depot, they don't carry fireplace glass fronts. One of our missions for the trip. Off then to Target, as it was just neighboring Home Depot, shopped for winter coats and a snow suit for Kiley. Found all we needed in Target, then off across the street to Lowe's. They don't carry the fireplace front I wanted, but they order them. So we ordered it, and shopped for a globe for ceiling fan/light, which broke a while back. I remembered it at this shopping trip.
Then had to stop at Sears and find some tools for Steve, saw ad for 10% off 6-9, but didn't want to hang around another 3 hours for that, but we were interested in a shed they had on sale. Headed home, saw Melanie and Dave were home from in-laws, so stopped and brought Kiley home with us, while they stayed and bathed the dogs, then they come over to our house.
Everyone was hungry, so fixed up sweet potato fries, mozz. cheese bites and regular french fries all in oven, and fried up some hamburgers. Then headed to living room to watch the movie Killers. Cute movie, and funny.
So our day wasn't watching air planes, but it was nice to get so much of the shopping done we were needing to do. Now we have pick-up dates for the shed this Thursday and the fireplace front on Oct. 4. Big truck oil change also on Thursday, coupon for discount, and having tires rotated. Usually we do all this, but for the price of synthetic oil, figured this saves us about $15, tire rotation is included in package.


  1. I want some sweet potato fries!

    We have a mobil lube service in our area. The guy comes to our house to change the oil. We use synthetic too, but buy our own oil and filters, then he does all the work for $20. It's worth it to keep Tony freed up. The guy also tops off all the fluids and checks tires. We like helping local businesses and self employed people, so this is one way to do that.


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