Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sun, Wind and Tractors

Sunday September 5th, our club hosted it's 3rd antique tractor pull of the season.
Weather was beautiful, sunny, windy, but cool. Luckily the wind was from the south, sending the dust away from my announcer's stand. No eating dirt for me for once.
We had a very good turnout of participants as well as spectators. Visiting with friends and fellow pullers made the day.
Our last hosted pull of the season is October 3rd. We will have our annual cook out. Complete with bonfire with hot dogs, brats, and of course marshmallows, soda and chips for all to enjoy. After the pull, many of the pullers sit around the fire and talk, discuss next years pull, changing of rules, classes, passing around ideas to make our next pulling season a success.
Now, I will prepare list of things needed, schedule shopping date, and purchase everything needed for our last pull.

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