Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Club pulling season over. Winter meetings set.

Antique Tractor pull season is offically over for the year, at least for our club sponsored events.
Now I can put away the totes of club items I store for club, and have some free'd up storage space again.
Steve and I went shopping Saturday night for the club cookout food, figured on feeding about 75. Hot dogs, brats, beef, cheddar, and italian sausages, dozens of buns, ketchup, mustard, chips, soda, marshmallows, and ice. I provided the pickle relish out of the stash I canned this summer. Only thing we ended up needing more of was pickle relish, and since we live only 7 blocks from our pull site, Leslie came home and got 2 more jars. What was left in the last jar went home with a puller friend of ours. He said his wife wants the recipe. And I sent a jar of relish and jar of pineapple up to our friend that works with Steve, for he said he really liked it too. I told Steve I should of taken it out and sold it by the jar.
Others want some also, so will take them theirs at the next club meeting. One is going to trade me some jars for the relish, and I sure can use the jars for next years canning.
I stopped by our library and booked our winter meetings for the next 4 months. Inside meetings take place in the cold months, and we have a great meeting room in our public library to use free.
I have to finish up website pull results and maybe re-vamp some on the website itself later on this winter. Hoping for a chat night with pullers to cover what we are planning for next year as well as getting ideas from them and sharing dates set.
Well, now I need to balance club checkbook and figure year end totals. Maybe I will have the next meeting organized and ready weeks in advance this time.

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